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Better Inventory. Low Buy Fees. No Transport Cost.

Clean Trade is here to help connect car dealers with high quality, fresh local inventory

How it Works

Local People list their on vehicle on

Dealers in the area are able to bid on the vehicles

The customer delivers the car to the dealers lot to complete the transaction



No transportation fees, lower flat rate buy fee and no PSI fees or addational cost. The only expense is a flat rate $200 buy fee.


When you buy a car at auction it often takes weeks for it to end up on sale on your lot. With Clean Trade, you don’t pay for the car until it arrives. Clean Trade gets rid of logistics and lowers your turn time.


The cars being sold on Clean Trade are all for sale by owner. None of the vehicles have been on the market yet. Only fresh trades. No stale dealer units.


Because the sellers are coming to you, more people will be coming and going from your lot, increasing your overall exposure and foot traffic.

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